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Since our foundation, in 1998, we have presented our trips with flight prices separate from the land price. When we started this approach, many were surprised by the way the trip was presented and questioned us. The answer we gave then remains unchanged today – The traveler is free to choose the company that will transport them to their destination.

Many of our travelers have some degree of affiliation with one or more airlines or a group of companies, which is why they prefer to travel with these same companies over others, as they can earn miles or enjoy tickets at reduced prices or even free. 

Another circumstance that has become a tendency in recent years is the purchase of flights through flight aggregator websites or the websites of the airlines themselves. While this option can be beneficial, it’s important to be cautious as it comes with risks and may not always be the cheapest choice.

Papa-Léguas, as a travel operator, can organize your entire trip with flights included, which is why we present a price estimate for each trip on the corresponding page. Please note that the price provided is an estimate only and typically represents the lowest published rate available for the specified destination.

Therefore, before buying your flight, consult us. Ask us for prices and then compare with those you find elsewhere. You should never buy your ticket until you receive an email confirmation from us, verifying that the trip has been confirmed.

What happens if the traveler books the flight?

Booking your flight independently can have two clear advantages – choice of airline and price. Firstly, you are free to choose the company that takes you to your holiday destination. You may have a preferred airline or travel group, allowing you to receive special treatment in terms of reservations and onboard services as a regular customer.

Secondly, there are several situations where the price presented by online agencies is advantageous compared to the price we get.

If you decide to book your flight separately, please wait for confirmation from Papa-Léguas before proceeding with ticket issuance.

On the other hand, booking the flight yourself may involve some situations that are easily resolved but which may entail additional costs, such as the additional payment of private transfers when your flight times do not coincide with the group’s flight times; the impossibility of us managing the reservation in the event of missed air connections and flight cancellations during your trip, etc.

If you want to book your flights online, you can consult the website of each airline or visit one of the following websites:

Mobeetrip | Expedia | Momondo | eDreams | Kayak

Note that Papa-Léguas does not have any commercial relationship nor does it receive any compensation for listing the sites described above. They are merely indicative and are intended to direct the traveler who wants to book flights independently.

What happens if Papa-Léguas books the flight?

In any reservation, the traveler is provided with the current price during the consultation. Typically, this price remains valid for 72 hours (unless stated otherwise). Armed with this price information, it is the traveler’s decision whether to proceed with booking their flight through us or not.

If the traveler chooses to buy the air part of their trip from Papa-Léguas, the fight tickets must be paid in full at the time of issuance. We will also ensure all the management of the reservation in case there are setbacks due to missed flights, the need to reschedule air routes, etc.

On trips that include arrival and departure transfers, these will be determined according to the flights assured by Papa-Léguas. 

It’s important for the traveler to keep in mind that the flight will be issued only upon trip confirmation, and the price applicable at the time of ticket issuance will be in effect.