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What are Classic tours?

CLASSIC tours combine the comfort to which we have accustomed our travelers with memorable experiences in the four corners of the planet.

From a journey of cultural discovery in Japan, accompanied by a Papa-Léguas tour leader, to trekking in Slovenia, accompanied by local guides, CLASSIC tours are those that provide the best of both worlds – a spirit of discovery and adventure and a bed at the end of the day.

Adventure in Costa Rica

13 dias
Adventure trip in Costa Rica. This is a trip surrounded by nature that will take you to discover fantastic national parks with small groups.
Desde2.700 €
(3 Avaliações)
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Azores Westernmost Point

6 dias
4 - 15 people
On this trip to the Azores we will visit the last two islands to be discovered, which contain a natural landscape of great beauty!
Desde690 €
(21 Avaliações)
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monk in red robes prays barefoot by an altar in bhutan

Bhutan – On the wings of the Dragon

13 dias
Trip to Bhutan. This is a trip to one of the most mysterious and attractive countries in the Himalayas.
Desde4.350 €
(7 Avaliações)
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big-five safari

Big Five in Kruger Park

9 dias
4 - 17 people
Lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalo. These are the Big Five that we will try to find in this magnificent safari in Kruger Park.
Desde1.170 €
(7 Avaliações)
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Botswana Comfort: Delta of Okavango

20 dias
4 - 16 people
This is a safari through Botswana that takes you to the Delta of Okavango without you having to give up your comfort. Adventure until sunset.
Desde3.470 €
(2 Avaliações)
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woman on a rock observing mountains surrounded by trees and clouds in albania

Discovering Albania

9 dias
5 - 12 people
Trip to Albania. Let's set off to discover Albania with Carla Henriques in a breathtaking itinerary.
Desde1.790 €
(6 Avaliações)
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volcano java surrounded by vegetation and clouds in discovering indonesia

Discovering Indonesia

17 dias
5 - 11 people
Tour to Indonesia. This is a true adventure through some of the most iconic places in Indonesia. Follow tour leader Nuno Cruz on this itinerary.
Desde1.845 €
(10 Avaliações)
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trees with red leaves by a lake with view to the other margin with buildings and mount fuji in the background in discovering japan

Discovering Japan

13 dias
6 - 12 people
On the trip Discovering Japan with tour leader Agostinho Mendes, you will discover traditional and ultra-modern Japan. From passing through Mount Fuji, sleeping on Mount Koya and traveling on a bullet train.
Desde2.420 €
(56 Avaliações)
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two cows ornamented with colorful cloths resting near a lake surrounded by mountains and clouds in expedition to ladakh

Expedition to Ladakh and Hemis Festival

15 dias
4 - 10 people
On this trip to Ladakh, tour leader Lisa Vaz takes you along the silk road. We will get to know the Buddhist culture, the valleys and villages of a beautiful region, and the Hemis Festival.
Desde1.930 €
(1 Avaliação)
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Reflexo do de pessoa no Salar de Uyuni

From Salar de Uyuni to Easter Island

17 dias
Salar de Uyuni. Atacama Desert. Easter Island. Are these names making you dream yet? This is a trip to Chile and Bolivia that will show you all of them.
Desde3.580 €
(4 Avaliações)
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From Stavanger to Alesund

8 dias
2 - 8 people
This trip to Norway takes us on a journey that takes us from Stavanger to Alesund passing through magnificent landscapes.
Desde2.810 €
(1 Avaliação)
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sunset view in salar de uyuni in bolivia

From the Atacama Desert to the Salar de Uyuni

13 dias
5 - 12 people
Salar de Uyuni. Atacama Desert. Santiago do Chile. Valparaiso e Viña del Mar. Are these names already making you dream? This is a trip to Chile and Bolivia that will show you all of them.

Galapagos Islands – On Darwin’s Route

11 dias
2 - 16 people
Visit nine of these islands, navigating on a small boat, where you’ll be able to enjoy all of their natural beauty. An unforgettable journey to the natural world of the Galapagos Islands!
Desde3.980 €
(3 Avaliações)
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orange rocks surrounded by a blue sky with clouds in bryce canyon, one of the great american parks

Great American Parks

13 dias
4 - 14 people
On this trip we will visit the best that the Great National Parks and the native lands of the American Southwest have to offer, ending this adventure in Las Vegas.
Desde5.210 €
(1 Avaliação)
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women riding motorcycles near a golden pagoda temple surrounded by palm trees in luang prabang one of the highlights of indocina

Highlights of Indochina: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

18 dias
2 - 12 people
A journey to discover the culture and landscapes, the people and monuments of Indochina. The details bring life to this trip: the charm of the saffron-colored robes of the monks in Luang Prabang, the lush greens of the cultivated fields
Desde2.945 €
(7 Avaliações)
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green aurora borealis with lake and mountain as scenery in the north of iceland trip to iceland

Iceland – Northern Lights

9 dias
6 - 12 people
On this trip to Iceland, the island of fire and ice, we'll find diverse landscapes and even the magnificent northern lights.
Desde2.200 €
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