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Carla Henriques

Tour leader

I have gone through every “travel junkie” normal journey. At a young age, I started traveling through Portugal with my parents, then with friends, often on canoeing adventures. At 19 I went on my first interrail and enjoyed it so much I went on 2 more. Meanwhile, I got a degree in Environmental Engineering, I did an internship in Spain for 6 months, returned to work in a large company, where I saved all the money I could to travel in my time off. Travels became more frequent and addicting, until 2013 when I bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu and only returned after nearly 2 years spent exploring Asia.

Some people travel the world in a year, I decided to travel calmly. In each country I’ve visited I tried my best to absorb the culture, history, ways of life, taste the food and drinks, make friends and help whenever I could. And it’s exactly this that attracts me to traveling, leaving my comfort zone, the novelty, learning, freedom, landscapes, scents, people, and in the end the backpack’s weight is compensated by the lightness of the soul.

I haven’t been to every continent YET and I don’t have a favorite location, I do have experiences that I’ll remember for the rest of my life: being the first Portuguese woman in the world’s largest cave, flying in a Russian helicopter, running from a crocodile, attending weddings in Vietnam, sleeping in train stations, diving with sharks or teaching English to children in Thailand. Booking a trip is marking your life forever, isn’t that what they say?

Passion for photography came with traveling, the will to portray what I saw in the best way I could to share when returning home.

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