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Pedro Ramos

Photographer and Tour leader

I was born in Portugal in 1976. I have roots in Goa but was raised in Macau. The ability to travel between Asia and Europe granted me the opportunity to experience different cultures from an early age, and I often had a camera in hand to capture those moments. I graduated in photography from the Ar.Co Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual in Lisbon. In 1998, I began working as a freelance photographer, serving clients in various photography domains such as architecture, real estate, advertising, and fashion.

My interest in teaching photography emerged in 2007 when I was invited to teach at a professional teaching school, where I taught until 2015. Since 2010 I have organized and taught annual courses and workshops in various institutions and companies. To reconcile my passion for travel and teaching photography, at the beginning of 2022, in partnership with the Papa-Léguas agency, I launched the Photographic Expeditions project: Trips planned with Photography in mind.

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