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11Artur Pegas

Artur Pegas

Director and Co-founder of Papa-Léguas

I am an eclectic traveler, having crossed on foot, bike, kayak and horseback several landscapes and habitats. But one of my greatest passions of traveling is trekking. Trekking is in my soul. I’ve walked in every continent and several latitudes. It is this passion that makes me return time and time again to the great outdoors in search of new travel programs or simply for leisure and personal enjoyment.

One of my greatest hobbies began when I was 6 years old and got my first camera. Being a constant in my life, photography happened naturally and it gives me an immense pleasure to capture unique moments.

I have an education in agricultural engineering and my journey led me to become one of Papa-Léguas’ founders. It all started on a sea travel between Lisbon and Saint Petersburg.

The desire to escape, an infinite curiosity for our planet and the privilege of being able to share it with those around me, were the touchstones to begin this wonderful journey called Papa-Léguas.

Since 1998, the joy, enthusiasm and commitment for the art of making people happy through traveling has not dimmed. I still have the same smile on my lips and the twinkle in my eyes, when I see a happy traveler at the end of their trip. 


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