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Jorge Duarte Estevão

Tour leader

I was born and raised in Alentejo and I’ve visited 60 countries, although I don’t have the ambition to visit every nation on the planet.

I’ve traveled across five continents: from sunsets in Bagan, to the power of silence in the Namib desert, sharing the sea with sharks in Belize, wild camping in Botswana, to road trips through New Zealand and Australia, and Europe was never forgotten. In my last great adventure, I was traveling for 6 months between Portugal and Macau, always by land, by train.

I am a traveler who enjoys exploring the planet and sharing it with other travellers. I breathe in pure landscapes and feed myself on stories (and on the cuisine I savor). And I never travel without duct tape.

I am professionally a journalist and photographer, and the author of a travel blog. Passionate about radio, where I started, I have also worked with newspapers and magazines in Portugal and abroad. I have works published in newspapers such as The Guardian, Lonely Planet or National Geographic Traveller.

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