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11Tour leader Agostinho Mendes

Agostinho Mendes

Tour leader

Born in 1972 in Lisbon. From a young age, he developed a special interest in programs from National Geographic, Jacques Cousteau, or BBC, but it was only much later, at the age of 19, that he left Portugal for the first time. It was enough to change his life and never stop his desire to explore the world. His passion for wandering has taken him to dozens of countries across various continents. While traveling, he seeks intense experiences that have led him to live with nomads in Mongolia, Mosuo families in China, or in villages in the Himalayas.

Professionally, he has always been connected to new technologies, an area where he continues to work as a freelancer.

Partly influenced by the documentaries he “devoured” on TV, he developed a great fascination for photography from a very early age, remembering the frequent playtime with the camera he found at his parents house, where he often ended up imagining photographs since there wasn’t even any film.

The truth is that years passed, and only much later, after a four-month trip to India, he realized how important photography was in his life. Shortly after that memorable journey, back in his hometown, he joined IPF – Portuguese Institute of Photography, one of the most recognized schools in the country in the field. Some of his photographs have been published in Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish press. They are also displayed in various homes or offices as part of private collections.

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