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What are Signature tours?

Adventure, experiences, and the maximum comfort that we can guarantee at the destination visited. Here the adventure is until sunset. The places and experiences that the tour will provide will be the gauge of a tour of excellence with the certainty that there will be no shortage of stories, photos and videos to share with family and friends.

group of penguins resting on top of a block of ice on the expedition to antarctica

Antarctica Expedition

16 dias
5 - 25 people
It is the journey of a lifetime. This expedition to the White Continent takes us to discover absolutely magical landscapes. Sailing beyond the Antarctic Polar Circle and through the islands of the Antarctic Peninsula, we will follow Shackleton's footsteps, us
Desde14.890 €
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woman in pink sari smiling for the camera in a village in india

Express India

11 dias
This trip to the North of India takes you to the Taj Mahal, the pink city of Jaipur and the mystical Ganges River. We choose the best itinerary for you!
Desde2.600 €
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Viajamos para todos os continentes e dispomos de experiências marcadas pela autenticidade e proximidade com as populações locais.