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João Cardiga

Tour leader

I was born on the day of the Iranian revolution. Being raised in a neighborhood of immigrants on the outskirts of Lisbon, I quickly learned to like distant and unknown lands. While I couldn’t physically travel, I traveled through the words of friends and neighbors.

Then came college and the world of work. I chose Management and spent 10 years as Project Finance Manager. At that stage, I took advantage of free time to travel. First through Portugal and then Europe. I counted the days until the next trip, starting to plan the destination early on. On one of those trips, I went to Egypt and after reaching the top of Mount Sinai I realized that my destiny was to travel.

Years later, I left work and followed my calling: I went on a trip around the world. I realized my love for the arts and travel and in Colombia I joined an Artistic Collective – Rodilillo Arte – with which I traveled for about 5 years, between South America, Europe and the Asian continent.

After the last big trip, in 2017, I decided to dedicate myself to a new Artivism Collective in Lisbon – Las Piteadas.

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