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Nuno Cruz

Tour leader

I was born in 1985 and I consider myself a traveler of hearts and people.

I have a degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering, co-founder of the education and development cooperation project GASTagus, volunteer in development cooperation projects in Angola and Cape Verde, amateur photographer and writer in my spare time.

I’ve been traveling all over the world since I was a kid, first with my parents, then with friends and finally alone around the world for a year.

I love nature, the sea and forests. More recently, I discovered in climbing a way to find myself and explore my limits, in addition to feeling an immense peace and connection with myself and the world.

When traveling, I always look for contact with the locals and their stories and knowledge, the connection that unites us all.

In the groups I lead, I bridge the gap between these people who make up their spaces and travelers while immersing themselves together in local cultures and habits through these guides, friends and travelers that life has brought my way 😀

As viagens do Nuno Cruz

Peru, from the Andes to Amazonia

Desde1550 €
16 Dias

Discovering Iran

Desde1870 €
17 Dias

Discovering Indonesia

Desde1845 €
17 Dias

Discovering Indochina

Desde1900 €
18 Dias

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