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João Garcia

Climber. Tour leader, UIMLA guide

I was born on a sunny day in June 1967 in Lisbon.

From a very young age I was a scout and started to practice outdoor activities that made me want to go further. One day, when I was just 15 years old, I decided to leave for Guarda by bicycle to learn rock climbing in Serra da Estrela.

In 2004 I took over the organization and development of all high mountain activities at Papa-Léguas, guiding groups in the Himalayas, the Alps, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Pyrenees and the Sierra de Gredos. In 2006 I dedicated myself full time to my 14 x 8000m project, with which I set out to climb 14 mountains over 8000 meters.

On April 17, 2010, I reached that goal and became the 10th climber in the world to achieve the feat of climbing all 14 mountains over 8000m without the aid of artificial oxygen or altitude chargers. In December of the same year I also became the first Portuguese person to climb the seven highest peaks of each continent by successfully climbing the summit of Mount Kosciuszko in Australia.

When I’m at sea level, I practice numerous sports. I am frequently asked to give motivational speeches, having already collaborated in the most prestigious national and foreign companies.

Since 2002 I have edited four books – “A Mais Alta Solidão” (Ed. Caderno, 2002), “Mais Além – Depois do Evereste” (Ed. Caderno, 2007), “14 – Uma Vida nos Tectos do Mundo” (Ed. Lua de Papel, 2014) and a fourth book in co-authorship – “10 Passos para Chegar ao Topo” (Ed. Caderno, 2009).

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