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From the Atacama Desert to the Salar de Uyuni

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Particular Conditions Condições Gerais
sunset view in salar de uyuni in bolivia

From the Atacama Desert to the Salar de Uyuni

Condições Gerais

The present program/online catalog is the informative document in which the current general conditions are included. They constitute, in the absence of a separate document, the travel contract.
The information is binding for the agency, except for some of the present conditions: 
  • If the changes in the following conditions have been clearly communicated in writing to the client before the conclusion of the contract and they are properly provided for in the program;

  • Any changes subsequent to the conclusion of the contract are subject to prior agreement of both the agency and the client, except as provided in the "impossibility of comply" clause.

These general conditions comply with the provisions of Decree-Law 61/2011 of May 6th, as amended by Decree-Law 199/2012 of August 24th.

The general conditions, which refer to an organized trip described in this program, along with the specific conditions provided to the client in the travel documentation at the time of booking, constitute the travel contract that binds the agency and the client.


The technical organization and sale of the activities included on this website are the responsibility of Papa-Léguas, a travel and tourism agency, with home office at Rua Manuel Assunção Mestre, nº22,  7780-199 Castro Verde, registered in the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon with Taxpayer Identification Number 504163590. It has a share capital of €99,759.60 (ninety-nine thousand, seven hundred and fifty-nine euros and sixty cents). Papa-Léguas is also registered with the National Registry of Travel Agents and Tourism Operators (RNAVT) nº2275 and the National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents (RNAT) nº67/2014.


At the time of registration the client must deposit 30% of the service price, paying the remaining 70% up to 21 days before the service begins. If the registration takes place 21 days or less before the service begins, the total price of the service must be paid at the time of registration. Papa-Léguas, Agência de Viagens e Turismo Lda. reserves the right to cancel any booking that has not been paid for under the conditions mentioned above. Reservations are subject to the obtaining of a confirmation from suppliers for all services.

The prices of tours are presented per person and based on the occupation in a room shared by two people. The organizing agency will group clients who sign up individually for the same tour in pairs, by gender, and in chronological order of registration. Clients who are singled out must pay the respective individual supplement, when required by the service provider.


According to Law No. 144/2015 of September 8th, we inform that the customer may resort to the following Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entities:

           i) Customer Authority of Travel and Tourism Agencies at provedorapavt.com;

          ii) Arbitration Commission of Tourism in Portugal at turismodeportugal.pt;

         iii) Or any of the entities indicated in the list provided by the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs at http://www.consumidor.pt, which we recommend consulting. 


Complaints will only be considered if submitted in writing to the agency within a maximum period of 30 days after the completion of the services.

In the event of a complaint regarding non-compliance with contracted services, the customer may activate the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund provided for in DL 61/2011 of May 6, in its current wording, by submitting the respective complaint:

i) To the Customer Authority, as Papa-Léguas, Travel and Tourism Agency Ltd., is a member of the Customer Ombudsman for Travel and Tourism Agencies at www.provedorapavt.com. To benefit from this service, you must submit your written complaint within 20 business days after the end of the trip. Agencies are bound to comply promptly with any decisions issued by this entity.

ii) To Tourism of Portugal I.P. at www.turismodeportugal.pt within 30 days after: (i) the end of the trip; (ii) the cancellation of the trip attributable to the agency; (iii) the date of knowledge of the impossibility of its realization due to the agency; (iv) the closure of the establishment.

iii) To any of the entities listed on the website of the General Directorate for Consumer Affairs at http://www.consumidor.pt.


1) The agency is responsible for the luggage in the legal terms;

2) The Client has the obligation to complain to the service provider at the moment of subtraction, deterioration or destruction of luggage.

3) In international transport, if the luggage is damaged, the complaint must be made in writing to the carrier immediately after the damage is verified, and no later than 7 days after delivery. If the luggage is merely late in delivery, the claim must be made within 21 days from the date of delivery.

4) The presentation of such a claim will be an essential basis for Papa-Léguas, Agência de Viagens e Turismo Lda. to hold responsible the entity providing the service.


The responsibility of the agency will be limited to the maximum amount that can be demanded from the service providers, in accordance with the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999, on International Air Transport, and the Bern Convention of 1961, on Rail Transport.

Regarding maritime transport, the liability of travel agencies, concerning their clients, for the provision of transport services or accommodation, when applicable, by maritime transport companies, in the event of damages resulting from their willful misconduct or negligence, will be limited to the following amounts:

a) € 441,436, in case of death or physical injury;

b) € 7,881, in case of total or partial loss of baggage or its damage;

c) € 31,424, in case of loss of a motor vehicle, including the baggage contained therein;

d) € 10,375, in case of loss of baggage, whether accompanied or not, contained in a motor vehicle;

e) € 1,097, for damages to baggage resulting from the damage to the motor vehicle.

Where applicable, the liability of travel agencies and tourism for the deterioration, destruction, and theft of baggage or other items in tourist accommodation establishments, while the client is staying there, is limited as follows:

a) € 1,397, in total;

b) € 449 per item;

c) The value declared by the client regarding the items deposited under the custody of the tourist accommodation establishment.

The agency's liability for non-bodily damages may be contractually limited to an amount corresponding to five times the price of the service sold.


For each reservation the following will be charged:

Reservation Expenses:

  • Portugal: 15€ (fifteen euros);
  • Remaining Countries: 30€ (thirty euros).

Alteration Expenses:

For each alteration (names, dates, type of apartment or room, travel, etc) : 50€ (fifty euros). Please note that the acceptance of such changes depends on the acceptance by the respective suppliers.


The client must have their personal or family documentation in good order (identity card, military documentation, authorization for minors, visas, vaccination certificates, and any other documents that may be required). The agency disclaims any responsibility for visa refusal or the client's denial of entry into a foreign country. The client is solely responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such a situation.

Travel in European Union: 

  • Clients (regardless of age) traveling within the European Union must possess the respective civil identification document (passport; ID card, Citizen Card).
  • To receive medical assistance, they must carry the corresponding European Health Insurance Card.
  • Nationals of non-EU countries should consult specific information regarding the necessary documentation for travel with the embassies/consulates of their countries of origin.

Travel outside the European Union:

  • Clients (regardless of age) traveling within the European Union must possess the respective civil identification document (passport) as well as a visa, if necessary (get this information from the agency at the time of booking);
  • Nationals of non-EU countries should consult specific information regarding the necessary documentation for travel from the embassies/consulates of their countries of origin.

If the travel suppliers involved allow it, whenever a customer who is registered for a particular trip wishes to change their registration to another trip or the same trip with a different departure date, or any other changes, they must pay a fee as alteration expenses. However, if the change takes place 21 days or less before the departure date of the trip for which the customer is registered, or if the service providers do not accept the change, the customer will be subject to the expenses and charges specified under the “cancellation (termination)” section.

Once the trip has started, if a request is made to change the contracted services for reasons not related to the agency (e.g., extending the number of nights of stay, changing the flight), the prices of the touristic services may not correspond to those published on the website that prompted the contract.


The customer may transfer their registration by being replaced by another person who meets all the required conditions for the trip, provided that they inform the selling agency at least seven days in advance and such transfer is possible under the applicable air transport regulations. In the case of cruises and air travel, the prescribed period will be fifteen days in advance.

The transfer of the registration makes both the transferor and the transferee jointly responsible for the payment of the trip price and any additional charges incurred.



Whenever there are external reasons that justify it, the organizing agency may change the order of the itineraries, modify the departure times, or substitute any of the planned hotels with others of similar category and location. The agency must inform the client of such changes as soon as they become aware of them.


When the tour is dependent on a minimum number of participants the Agency reserves the right to cancel the organized tour if the number of participants reached is less than the minimum. In such cases, the Client will be informed in writing of the cancellation within 15 (fifteen) days.


The prices in the program are based on the costs of services and exchange rates in effect on the date of printing of the program, and are therefore subject to change resulting from variations in the cost of transportation or fuel, duties, taxes, fees, and exchange rate fluctuations up to 20 days prior to the date of departure.


Once the tour has begun, no refund is due for services not used by the client due to unforeseeable circumstances or for reasons attributable to the client, except for refunds by the respective suppliers. Failure to provide services foreseen in the travel program for reasons attributable to the organizing agency and if it is not possible to replace them with equivalent ones, entitles the client receive a refund for the price difference between the originally anticipated services and the services actually provided.




If, prior to the start of the journey and due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizing agency, it becomes unable to fulfill any essential service included in the travel program, the client has the right to cancel the trip and immediately receive a refund of all amounts paid, or alternatively, accept a modification and possible price variation.

If the aforementioned circumstances beyond the control of the organizing agency result in the cancellation of the trip, the client may choose to participate in another organized trip of equivalent price. If the proposed replacement organized trip is of a lower price, the client will be refunded the price difference accordingly.


The client or their companions are free to cancel the trip at any time.

i) Such cancellation implies that the client is responsible for the payment of all charges arising from the beginning of the fulfillment of the contract and their withdrawal, as well as a percentage that can go up to 15% of the price of the trip.

ii) If applicable, the client will be refunded the difference between the amount paid and the aforementioned amounts.

iii) The cancellation of travel services/organized trips whose reservation has been made using the voucher issued under Decree-Law No. 17/2020 of April 23rd is subject to a cancellation fee equal to the price of the service, in order to prevent simulated or fraudulent reservations made solely with the intention of anticipating the receipt of the voucher-entitled values.


If for reasons not attributable to the client, the agency has to cancel the organized tour before the departure date, the client can choose to:

i) Being immediately refunded all amounts paid;

ii) Optionally, choose to participate in another organized tour and be refunded for any difference in price.


The liability of the travel agency organizing the trips included in this program and arising from the assumed obligations is covered by a civil liability insurance policy with Fidelidade Insurance Company, under policy number 9257343, for an amount of 75,000€ (Seventy-five thousand euros), in accordance with the applicable legislation.

18. VAT

The prices mentioned in this program already include the Value Added Tax at the current rate of 23%


This program is valid from 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2022

  • The remaining special conditions will be included on the page of each destination and trip - in the particular conditions - and they are part of the travel contract.
  • These general conditions may be supplemented by any other specific conditions agreed upon by the agency and the client.
  • The program prices are based on the average exchange rate of the dollar, so any significant deviation from this currency may result in a revision of the travel prices, as stated in the "price alteration" clause.
  • Due to constant fluctuations in fuel prices, there may be changes to the fuel surcharge included in the price, as stated in the "price alteration" clause.
  • The hotel categories presented in this brochure comply with the quality standards of the host country. However, they may be replaced by similar ones if, due to reasons beyond the agency's control, it is not possible to maintain or confirm the existing reservation. The agency will promptly inform the client once they become aware of such situations.

Arrival or departure times:

Departure and arrival times are stated in the local time of the respective country of destination and according to respective airline schedules at the time of printing this program, and may therefore be subject to change.

Hotels / Apartments:

Apartments - In case the accommodation is contracted in apartments, the client is responsible for informing the number of people that will occupy the apartment. If there are more people than booked, the apartments may refuse admittance.

Hotels - The prices shown are per person and are based on double occupancy. Not all hotels have triple rooms and usually an extra bed is placed in the room, which may not be of equal quality. In rooms equipped with two beds or a double bed, the triple may consist only of those beds.

The list of hotels and apartments in the program is indicative, as is their category, which is based on local criteria and classifications that are sometimes different from those used in Portugal.


Unless otherwise indicated, the prices shown for the Half Board and Full Board supplements do not include drinks.

On arrivals at the hotel after 7PM the first meal service will be breakfast the next day, on the last day and except for the possibility of late check-out, the last service of the hotel will be breakfast.

Check-in and check-out times:

The check-in and check-out times on the first and last day, will be defined according to the first and last service. As a rule, without binding character, the rooms can be used from 2PM on the day of arrival and should be left free by noon (12PM) on the day of departure.

In the apartments, the entry takes place generally at 5PM on the day of arrival and must be left free by 10AM on the day of departure.

Special conditions for children:

Given the conditions applied for children (destination and provider) it is recommended to always question the special conditions that may apply to the tour in question.


The agency offers the sale of insurance that can be purchased depending on the tour to guarantee assistance situations and cancellation expenses.

The maximum age limit, for the insurance, is 75 years-old.


See our full Data Protection and Privacy Policy here.

sunset view in salar de uyuni in bolivia

From the Atacama Desert to the Salar de Uyuni

Condições Particulares


The necessary documentation may vary, depending on your nationality, the country of origin and the places you will travel to. For further information, consult the relevant embassy websites or contact Papa-Léguas.

Tour Leader

This is a trip of adventure and cultural discovery. The tour leader is a person with experience in the country to be visited, having a network of contacts and knowledge that facilitates interaction and a unique cultural experience. Their mission is to lead the group during the whole trip facilitating the interaction and integration of the group with the places to be visited.
The tour leader’s role should never be confused with that of a tour guide. No specific knowledge about monuments, museums, or other places of tourist interest is required of the tour leader. If your trip includes places that, due to their historical, geological, biological or artistic complexity, need a guide, this will be hired in advance and there will be an explicit reference to his existence in the trip program.

Travelers who do not purchase flights from Papa-Léguas may not be assured of arrival and departure transfers if their flights are not exactly the same as the flights booked for the group.
If the traveller chooses to book the transfers Papa-Léguas for the flights they have bought on their own, there is an additional fee, which varies according to the destination country and the program.


If the Client withdraws from the trip up to 91 days before the departure date and there are no services already booked and paid for, the value of the deposit already paid for will be refunded in full. If there are services already booked and paid for, the amount to be refunded will be reduced by the amounts paid to the service providers.

If the Client withdraws from the trip 90 days or less before the departure date, they will have to pay all the costs to which their sign-up and subsequent withdrawal gave rise and also an amount that may reach 15% of the trip price. The Customer may be reimbursed for the difference between the amount already paid and the above amounts.

Líder da viagem
Avatar Operador Local

O líder desta viagem é disponibilizado pelo operador com quem trabalhamos no destino.

Estamos a preparar o seu programa de viagem.
Aguarde por favor...

Do you have a question?

Do not hesitate to call us. We have a specialized team and we will be happy to talk to you.

+351 21 845 26 89 / 90


Details of viagem
  • Conforto
  • Dificuldade
  • Duração 13 dias
  • Inscrições 5 - 12 people
  • Idade 12 - 74
  • Tipo de viagem Discovery, Tour leader
  • Destinos Bolivia, Chile
  • Alojamento Hotel

Come with tour leader Carla Henriques explore some of the most epic and breathtaking places that nature has to offer!

The journey we propose is a compilation of some of the most fantastic landscapes on the planet. We start with the Atacama Desert, which spans approximately 621 miles and is the driest non-polar desert and highest in the world, located in northern Chile.

Next, we venture into the highlands of Bolivia, with its colorful lagoons, deserts, rock formations, and, of course, the iconic Salar de Uyuni. During the rainy season at the beginning of the year, if Mother Nature allows, you might witness a gigantic water mirror, where the sky appears to float.

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Santiago de Chile, and UNESCO World Heritage city, Valparaíso, and a seaside excursion to Viña del Mar.

There will be plenty of opportunities to admire the landscape and capture the beauty that Mother Nature offers us in this part of the world.


Why this viagem is a must?
  • Atacama Desert, one of the most arid regions on the planet;
  • Salar de Atacama and altiplanic lagoons;
  • Eduardo Avaroa Nacional Park in Bolívia;
  • Wonderful Salar de Uyuni, with mirror effect in March/April;
  • Observation of flamingos, llamas and vicunas;
  • Cities of Santiago de Chile, Valparaíso e Viña del Mar.


  • Accompaniment by a portuguese Papa-Léguas tour leader;
  • 10 Hotel nights in double room;
  • Meals: 11 breakfasts, 4 lunches e 4 dinners;
  • All land travel;
  • Entrance fees to national parks in Chile and Bolivia;
  • Transfers airport - hotel - airport (see specific conditions);
  • Travel insurance and assistance.


  • International and domestic flights;
  • Local expenses (meals, laundry, museum entrance fees, etc.)
  • Unplanned expenses due to bad weather, flight cancellations, or other unexpected situations;
  • Any type of gratuity;
  • Any item not mentioned as included.

Actividades Opcionais

Tour Vallito, in Atacama;
Tour Geysers del Tatio, Atacama;
Stargazing tour, Atacama;
Extension of 3 days/2 nights to Elqui Valley.


Dia 1 Flight city of origin - Calama

The journey promises to be long. There are no direct flights between Portugal and Chile, so we will have a layover in a European city and another in Santiago before reaching Calama in northern Chile.

Overnight on board.

Alojamento: XRefeições: X
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 2 Arrival in Calama and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama

After arriving in Calama, we still have a trip of about an 1h30 to the mythical town of San Pedro de Atacama. This will be our base for exploring the region for the next 3 days.

After checking into the hotel it is time to relax and celebrate the beginning of a great adventure. If there's still time, we suggest a trip to Vallito, with a landscape similar to Mars.

Night in San Pedro de Atacama.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: X
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 3 Laguna Cejar and Valle de la Luna

The morning is free, so you can explore San Pedro de Atacama.

In the afternoon, it's time to enter in the Atacama Dessert, to the crystalline waters of Lagoa Cejar and Lagoa Pedra, with a salinity level so high that it allows us to float without much effort. We move on to the Ojos del Salar lagoons, circular lagoons that confuse experts as to their origin, their appearance remaining a mystery.

Finally, and before returning to San Pedro, we will visit Laguna Tebinquinche.

Night in San Pedro.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 4 Salar de Atacama, Lagunas Altiplanicas

We'll depart early from San Pedro de Atacama heading south, crossing a road with magnificent views of the Sacred Vulcanoes, many of them reaching altitudes over 6000m.

Our first stop will be in Toconao, a picturesque Andean village built of volcanic rocks, which is located next to Quebrada Jerez. From Toconao, we will enter the Salar de Atacama, one of the largest salt flats in the world, with an extension of nearly 3000 km2. In this small and fragile ecosystem we may, with luck, see flamingos and caitis among other water birds.

We will continue our journey to the fantastic high altitude lagoons - Miscanti and Miñiques. These lagoons, situated at more than 4,000 meters above sea level, have impressive colors, and the scenery they provide is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Before we begin our return to San Pedro de Atacama, we will have time to venture into the Piedras Rojas.

We will arrive in San Pedro at the end of the day, where we will spend the night.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 5 San Pedro de Atacama - Hito Cajones border - Villamar

The day starts very early with the trip to the Bolivian border.

We will make a first stop still in San Pedro to "stamp" our way out of Chile and then have about 45 minutes to Hito Cajones. After formally entering Bolivia, Mother Nature will start to wow us with spetacular views of the Lincancabur volcano (5916 meters) that frames Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde. From the Lagunas we will head to the surreal Damas Valley, an immense area of sand and rock that forms an indescribable landscape.

The next stop will be the thermal baths of Polques. Weather permitting, we can enjoy the hot spring pools overlooking the altiplano.

Then it is time for a meal and to continue the trip to Villamar (3980m), where we will spend the night.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast, Almoço, Jantar
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 6 Villamar - Colchani

We leave Villamar in direction to Vale de las Rocas to explore the magnificent rock formations.

We continue our journey and after a stop in San Cristobal, we can appreciate the already famous «train cemetery». This cluster of machines and carriages lend the landscape a movie-like setting and make for excellent photographs.

Here you can already feel the presence of the Salar de Uyuni - the largest salt flat in the world - and that's where we'll head next. The route on the Salar is dependent on the terrain conditions at the time and the existence of water.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast, Almoço
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 7 Salar de Uyuni

This will be our second day in the Salar, with the first stop scheduled for the Necropolis of San Juan, a bizarre funerary «monument» excavated in primitive corals.

In San Juan , the original plan will take us to Incahuasi Island, known for its gigantic cactus and for being located in the “middle” of the salt flat.

The afternoon will be spent crossing the colossal expanse of Salar making stops to photograph this huge and magnificent white desert. Already on the margins of the Salar, we will wait for the sunset, where, surely, emotions and joy will infect the whole group (overnight at 3600 m).

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast, Almoço, Jantar
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 8 Uyuni - Ojo de Perdiz

The day begins with a trip to the village of Uyuni, where the route takes usto the immense Eduardo Avaroa National Park. Here we will discover the complex formed by different lagoons where, with luck, we will be able to observe flamingos in their natural habitat.

The final stretch of the journey will be along the «Paso del Inca» which will flank the access to the hotel where we will spend the night in Ojo de Perdiz. (overnight stay at 4500 meters).

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast, Almoço, Jantar
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 9 Ojo de Perdiz. Calama - Santiago do Chile

We'll leave the hotel before dawn, as the day will be long.

The first stop will be at the "Stone Tree," a fantastic monolith carved by the wind and resembling a tree.

From here we'll head to Laguna Colorada, a red colored lagoon that impresses not only for its color, but also for the flamingo colony that it normally hosts. The route continues through the Sol da Manhã geyser, an area of intense volcanic activity where the fumaroles and bubbling mud are an attraction.

After the geyser we will begin the return to the border of Hito Cajones, however, before that, we still encounter familiar landscapes, such as the Valle de las Damas or the Salvador Dali Desert, Laguna Verde, and the majestic Lincancabur volcano.

We will cross the border and expect to arrive at the airport in Calama by 4 pm. Departure for Santiago de Chile. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 10 Santiago de Chile

Founded by Pedro de Valdivia, and the scene of countless historical episodes, Santiago de Chile is a capital that offers us charm and life.

This is a free day where you can choose to visit some of the numerous museums such as Pre-Columbian Art, La Moneda Cultural Center or the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Going up to the Cerro de San Cristobal allows to understand the vastness of the city and the framing of the mountains.

There are also numerous neighborhoods with small street markets, restaurants and "street art", such as the famous Lastarria.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 11 Visit to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

We leave Santiago do Chile, and after 1h30 we arrive to the colorfull city of Valparaiso. Known as the “Jewel of the Pacific”, this city has long inspired poets and writers, and there is nothing better than taking a walk to discover this World Heritage Site.

From Valparaíso, it's a short journey to arrive to Vina del Mar, a kind of Chilean Nice on the Pacific, with beautiful sandy beaches, where a stop is made to have the most panoramic view of Viña and Valparaíso.

After enjoying the sea and its beaches, we begin the return to Santiago with a last stop to admire a very ancient culture in Chile or Rapa Nui on the eastern island, where a MOAI or stone sculpture has been placed since the early fifties.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 12 Flight from Santiago de Chile - Origin city

Transfer to the airport and return to the city of origin.

Alojamento: XRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 13 Arrival in Origin City

Arrival in the origin city

Alojamento: XRefeições: X
Conforto: Dificuldade:


Is this trip for me?

If you are a traveler who likes nature and appreciates unique landscapes, this is a trip for you. This is a trip that can be challenging in terms of travel and altitude, but it includes some of the most iconic places in the world: the Atacama Desert and the Salar de Uyuni. If you're still into photography, charge your batteries well because we're going to be going through the most beautiful and unique places in the world to photograph.

Who will guide this trip?

This trip is accompanied by tour leader Carla Henriques

What kind of accommodation do I stay in during this trip?

We stay in double rooms, with private bathrooms, in comfortable hotels that are well located for easy travel. There is always internet connection, even though sometimes the speed may not be the best. We favor small to medium sized hotels, run by locals, where we always feel well received and welcome.

What kind of transportation do we use on this trip?

On the visit to the Atacama Desert and the Salar de Uyuni, we will use jeeps with a local driver. We will also have 1 internal flight, to travel from Santiago de Chile to Calama.

Are arrival and departure transfers included?

Yes, arrival and departure transfers are included if you travel on the "group flight". On this trip there is a group flight, that is, there is a specific arrival and departure time and the transfers will be according to the arrival and departure time of that flight. If you choose to buy different flights, you will have to be at the arrival airport at the same time as the group's flight, to take advantage of the transfers. You must also have the same departure time to take advantage of the transfers.

Does Papa-Léguas handle the flights?

Papa-Léguas sends you a flight proposal. After you receive the flight simulation, you can choose to buy from Papa-Léguas or another agency, or online. Note: the arrival/departure dates may vary, depending on your origin city. If you have any doubts, contact Papa-Léguas for further clarification

Where do I meet the group?

At the place where you will meet the trip leader, at the airport. After your enrollment, we will send you more details about the meeting with the group.

If I sign up alone, do I have to pay an individual supplement?

Not necessarily. If you do not wish to stay alone in the accommodations, you can share them with another person who is signed up. Papa-Léguas may group travelers who sign up individually for the same trip in pairs, by sex and chronological order of registration, and if the number of participants is odd, the traveler who stays alone must pay the respective individual supplement.

Can I drink tap-water in the countries of this trip?

Special care should be taken with local water, and only bottled water should be consumed. However, to avoid excessive consumption of plastic, we advise you to take a reusable bottle with you and fill it up with bottles that you can buy or are sometimes available to refill at hotels.

How much money should I bring for my personal expenses?

On average, for meals, $25 per day is sufficient. Most places accept USD as a form of payment, but it is advisable to always have some money in the local Chilean currency. Regarding Bolivia, it should not be necessary to exchange currency, where most meals and accommodation are included and hotels accept cards. The money that each traveler should bring depends a lot on the type of consumption that he or she usually does while traveling, such as buying souvenirs and activities on his or her own.

Is insurance included in the land program? What does it cover?

No, it is not. The exception is for travelers not departing from national soil, whether or not they hold Portuguese nationality. Contact Papa-Léguas for further clarification.

What documentation do I need to go on this trip?

The necessary documentation may vary, depending on your nationality, the country of origin and the places you will travel to. For further information, consult the relevant embassy websites or contact Papa-Léguas. However, when we cross the border from Chile into Bolivia a payment may be required. On the last trip, I was charged 5 USD/pax.

What equipment is essential for this trip?

This trip is a paradise for photography! The skies are incredibly polarized, however, a polarizing filter can come in handy, as well as gradient filters. A dust cloth is essential and batteries. Lots of batteries. A shutter release cable for long exposures with its corresponding tripod is essential. In addition to photographic gear, there is something small and essential on this trip: sunglasses. When we are on the Salar, the effect is similar to snow and the lack of protection can cause a lot of discomfort. With the glasses, a hat and sunscreen are also advised. If you plan on taking the baths in Atacama, it is advisable to take a bathing suit/shorts because the salt is quite corrosive. At altitude and at night it will be cold, take a wind or waterproof jacket. There may be power cuts in some more remote locations, so a flashlight can also be quite useful.

What are the health restrictions for entering the country?

Health restrictions may vary, depending on various factors, such as your country of origin. We recommend scheduling a Travel Medicine consultation before your trip. For further information, consult the websites of relevant agencies or contact Papa-Léguas.

Might I experience some symptoms of altitude sickness at some point on this trip?

Altitude sickness is a real and very likely possibility. What happens is that at higher altitudes, the air pressure (barometric pressure) decreases and there is less oxygen in the surrounding air. It is possible to be comfortably at moderately high altitudes, but the body has to make some "adjustments" and this may take some time. The symptoms manifested in the lighter form of altitude sickness are similar to a mild hangover - headaches, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, and dyspnea (shortness of breath). As the body makes normal adjustments to adapt to high altitude, a person may experience some symptoms that are bothersome but not a cause for concern. These include rapid breathing, shortness of breath with exhausting exercise, occasional short pauses in breathing during sleep, and frequent urination. These last two symptoms are caused by a low carbon dioxide level, which triggers adjustments in the brain and kidneys. Some precautions to take are: - Limiting physical effort to reasonable levels - Drinking plenty of fluids during high altitude exposure - Limit alcohol consumption, because an alcoholic drink consumed in a very high place seems to have twice the effect - Eat frequent and light meals, instead of bulky meals - Taking aspirin or similar medicine to relieve headaches


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