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Filipa Afonso

Tour leader

The constant will to evolve as an individual very soon made Fillipa pick up her backpack and travel the world, searching for inspiration and new perspectives on life.

Even though she graduated in Economics, Business and Marketing and worked for a multinational company for almost a decade, the will and determination to explore our planet and get to know new philosophies, people, colors, tastes and smells was very strong. One day she decided to quit her job and, once again, pick up her backpack and travel Asia, South America, Caribbean and Africa.

During those years she discovered the most important journey of all, the inner journey. She’s passionate about Yoga and meditation, and finds herself better when surrounded by nature. She loves silence, believes in the wisdom of trees and for her mountains are home.

Now she lives in Portugal where she is a Yoga and meditation teacher, works part-time as a product manager, and shares the love for nature with other people.

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