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Trekking in the Internacional Douro

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Condições Gerais

Trekking in the Internacional Douro

Condições Gerais

The technical organization and sale of the activities included on this website are the responsibility of Papa-Léguas, a travel and tourism agency, registered under the name of Papa-Léguas, Agência de viagens e turismo Lda, with headquarters at Rua Conde de Sabugosa nº 3F, 1700-115 Lisbon. The agency is registered in the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon with Taxpayer Identification Number 504163590. It has a share capital of €99,759.60 (ninety-nine thousand, seven hundred and fifty-nine euros and sixty cents). Papa-Léguas is also registered with the National Registry of Travel Agents and Tourism Operators (RNAVT) nº2275 and the National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents (RNAT) nº67/2014.

  1. Activities are understood to be all those that include:
  • One-day hiking and/or multi-activity tours in Portugal or Spain;
  • Weekend hiking and/or multi-activity tours in Portugal or Spain.
  • Travel photography courses; 
  • Travel, nature and image editing workshops;
  • Weekend nature photography workshops;
  • Travel writing workshops.

2.1. You must register for the activity you wish to participate in, through the website by completing the respective online form. After registering, you will have 72 hours to make the payment. If you register less than 24 hours before the start of the activity, you must make the payment by 5:00 PM on the last working day preceding it.

2.2. Your registration is only considered valid after payment is made. You can make the payment using different methods: in cash at the office of Papa-Léguas or by bank transfer to the provided IBAN, which will be sent to you in the registration email.

2.3. If payment is not made at the office of Papa-Léguas, you must validate it (bank transfer) by sending the proof of payment to the email or by fax to 218452693.

2.4. After payment validation, our staff will send an email indicating the status of the reservation:

2.4.1. The reservation is confirmed when the activity has reached the minimum group size required for its realization and the maximum group size has not been reached yet. The client's spot in the activity is guaranteed.

2.4.2. The reservation is canceled when the minimum group size required for the activity has not been reached. The activity will not take place, and the client will be fully refunded.

2.4.3. The reservation is placed on the waiting list when the maximum number of participants has been reached, but a reservation has been accepted in the meantime. Our services will contact the client to provide further updates.

2.5. Pre-registrations by phone, fax, written messages, emails, or any other form of message transmission are not accepted, as well as on site payments on the day of the activity.


3.1. The prices of the activities are based on factors such as service costs, insurance, and entrance fees to museums, parks, etc. The price includes the Value Added Tax (VAT) in effect, whenever applicable. Papa-Léguas reserves the right to change the prices of the activities without prior notice.

3.2. The prices of the activities do not include meals and transportation to the meeting point, unless otherwise stated and explicitly published on the activity page under the "includes" section.

3.3. Papa-Léguas may pair up individual clients for activities that involve overnight stays in hotels or similar accommodations, based on gender and chronological order of registration. Any participant who remains isolated will be required to pay the respective single supplement (when applicable), as indicated on the activities page.


4.1. If a client registered for a specific activity wishes to change their registration to another activity or to the same activity on a different date, they may do so under the following conditions:

4.1.1 - Notify Papa-Léguas at least 72 hours in advance of the activity start time.

4.1.2 - There must be availability for the desired activity change. If there are any change fees, the client will be responsible for covering them.

4.2. If the activity is canceled by the organization, clients will receive a FULL REFUND of their registration fee.

4.3. The organizing agency is permitted to change the order of activities, routes, and departure times, if there are justifications for doing so.


5.1. The client can cancel a one-day activity and receive a full refund if the cancellation is made up to 72 hours before the activity's start time. Otherwise, expenses may be incurred, or the client may lose the entire amount paid.

For weekend activities, the cancellation must be communicated at least two weeks in advance of the activity's start date. Otherwise, expenses may be incurred, or the client may lose the entire amount paid. In activities that require hotel reservations, the cancellation must be communicated at least two weeks before the activity's start date. Otherwise, expenses may be incurred, or the client may lose the entire amount paid. For weekend photography activities, the cancellation must be communicated at least one month before the activity's start date. Otherwise, expenses may be incurred, or the client may lose the entire amount paid.

5.2. The no-show of the customer at the designated location, date, and time for the start of the activity is considered a cancellation and will result in the total loss of the payment made, with no right to claim a refund.

5.3. Non-appearance is defined as delays equal to or exceeding 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time.


6.1. Complaints will only be considered if submitted in writing to the agency within a maximum period of 30 days after the end of provision of services.

In the event of a complaint regarding non-compliance with contracted services, the client may activate the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund, as provided for in DL 61/2011 of May 6, in its current wording, by submitting the respective complaint:

i) To the Customer Authority, as Papa-Léguas, a travel and tourism agency, is a member of the Customer Advocate for Travel and Tourism Agencies. To benefit from this service, you must submit your complaint in writing within 20 working days after the end of the trip. Agencies are bound to promptly comply with the decisions issued by this entity.

ii) To Portuguese National Tourism Authority through, within 30 days after: (i) the end of the trip; (ii) the cancellation of the trip attributable to the agency; (iii) the date of awareness of the impossibility of its realization due to reasons attributable to the agency; (iv) the closure of the establishment.

iii) To any of the entities listed on the website of the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs through


7.1. The insurance included in all Papa-Léguas activities covers:

  • Death: €5000;
  • Permanent disability: €5500;
  • Treatment expenses: €500.

Please find all relevant information about your insurance here.

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Details of Micro Tour

In the Northeast of Trás-os-Montes, in the Douro International Natural Park, in the heart of the Land of Miranda, between Portugal and Spain, the “marvelous kingdom” opens the magic window of enchantment.

Under a blue sky, the Mirandese Plateau is painted in warm ochre tones and allows panoramas to be seen as far as the eye can see.

From where to where, almost out of time, villages of houses together, sprinkle the landscape with the red of the roofs and wrap themselves in the mist of the smoking chimneys. Further down, in shades of green, the serene Douro makes its way between steep cliffs, as majestic as they are imposing and silent.

During the weekend we will take a short walk in the company of the friendly Mirandese donkeys. The next day, a magnificent march along the right bank of the Douro International, exploring viewpoints and, on the last day, an emblematic walk along the Calçada de Alpajares, known as the Devil’s Sidewalk, between vertical walls of ancient rocks, the “Trovões de Pedra” characterized by Guerra Junqueiro, a portuguese journalist, author, and poet.

Finally, we will visit the imposing Penedo Durão with its comprehensive views of the Douro and place of observation of griffon vultures and raptors.

Here’s the invitation: Entre quien seia!!

Why this Micro Tour is a must?
  • Alpajares sidewalk, called "Calçada do Diabo" with amazing views;
  • One of the most emblematic viewpoints, Penedo Durão;
  • Trekking route "Arribas do Douro" with magnificent views;
  • Accomodation in rural hotel in Sendim village;
  • "Burricada" in the village of Atenor.


  • 2 guided hikes;
  • 2 nights in a double room in a rural hotel in Sendim;
  • 1 saturday's Dinner
  • Accompaniment by a tour leader Papa-Léguas throughout all the weekend;
  • 2 picnics during the hikes;
  • Coffee and tea during the hikes;
  • Travel insurance and aid.


  • Transfer to the meeting point and during the weekend;
  • Friday's Dinner
  • Any item not listed as included.

Dia 1 Departure to Aldeia de Atenor (Visit to the breed Mirandesa Donkey) - Douro Internacional

Departure to the village of Atenor, located near the township of Sendim in the Douro Internacional Natural Park and where we will visit the Associação de Gado Asinino (AEPGA) and take a short walk in the company of some Mirandese donkeys.

Around 17:00 -18:00, departure to Sendim and check-in the accommodation.

Group dinner but at own expense at a restaurant in Miranda and night visit to Miranda do Douro. Free time.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: X
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 2 Walking tour Douro Arribes

Breakfast and departure with our cars to the starting point of the tour. Beginning of the pedestrian route in Miranda do Douro.

We continue along a trail overlooking the river where the cliffs on the Spanish side allow Egyptian vultures, griffon vultures and golden eagles to pass in flight.

Down there, the narrow sheet of water guides us in the direction of march and we continue north, to the sound of our steps. This tour through the cliffs of the Douro is moderate, sometimes difficult, because beyond the 10,5 miles, the trails sometimes - and it's just as well - run away from the roads and intrude on viewpoints
almost inaccessible, giving the tour an aura and isolation where the silence of nature reigns.

Extension: around de 10 miles.
Type: Linear in mountain, rural and forest environment.
Trail: dirt tracks; cross country and dirt path.
Accumulated slope: +205m
Maximum altitude: 735m.
Maximum altitude: 530m.
Duration: 7 hours with stops (depending on the pace of the group).
Difficulty level: moderate + (long walk, with climbs and some walls to jump), but with stops and a slow pace).
Interest points: Douro River, international section; Birdwatching (Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture and Royal Eagle); Viewpoint São João das Arribas.

Papa–Léguas tour guides will provide information on geology, biology, history and local folklore.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Pequeno-almoço
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 3 Walking tour Calçada de Alpajares

Breakfast, check-out e journey with the participants cars to the starting point of the hike tour.

On the way, possibility of a brief detour to visit the Paleolithic engraving of the horse of Mazouco, located next to the Douro river.

Arrival to the starting point of the hike, located in the municipality of Freixo de Espada à Cinta. The stone pavement zigzags in metallic tones to our views, which reach the Douro in gusts of pure air.

Land of vultures and griffons that populate the blue sky in circles, over the canyons that are lost in the immensity of the landscape. We savor this walk with our senses focused on nature, all of it wild and startling in ravines of serenity. Here our steps are calm, leisurely…

At the end of our walk, we will drive to the emblematic Penedo-Durão viewpoint, where, in addition to the superb views, we will be able to observe vultures and others predators.

End of Papa-Léguas services and return home.

Extension: about 5.6 miles.
Type circulate in mountainous and rural environments.
Route: dirt trails; schist pavement, cross country and road
Accumulated slope: +237m
Maximum altitude: 385m.
Maximum altitude: 148m.
Duration: 5 hours with stops (depending on the pace of the group).
Difficulty level: moderate, hike with a steep climb but with stops and a slow pace.
Points of interest: bird watching (Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture)

Papa–Léguas guides will provide information regarding geology, biology, history and local folklore.

Alojamento: HotelRefeições: Breakfast, Piquenique, Jantar
Conforto: Dificuldade:

Dia 4

Alojamento: XRefeições: Breakfast
Conforto: Dificuldade:


Is this micro tour for me?

Yes, if you like, to hike along two trails in one of the most hidden regions of Portugal.

Who will guide this weekend?

It's Luís Dias, who, in addition to his experience in managing the group, will take you on a tour of the trails listed in the program.

What kind of accommodations do I stay in this weekend?

You will stay, the two nights, in a charming rural hotel in the village of Sendim, in the municipality of Miranda do Douro.

What kind of transportation do we use on the weekend and how do I get to the meeting place?

The participants own vehicles will be used, but transportation sharing is common. Contact us if you need a ride or want to share your car with other participants. When you sign up, we will email you a program with all the details for getting to the meeting place.

If I sign up alone, do I have to pay an individual supplement?

Not necessarily. If you don't want to be alone in the accommodation, you can share it with another registered person. Papa-Léguas may group travelers who sign up individually for the same weekend in pairs, by sex and chronological order of registration. If the number of participants is odd, the traveler who stays alone will have to pay the respective individual supplement.

How much money should I bring for my personal expenses?

About 30 euros,, will be used to pay for meals excluded from the price of this micro tour (Friday dinner). This does not include expenses for gasoline and tolls.

Is insurance included in the program? What does it cover?

It is not included. Contact Papa-Léguas for more information regarding insurance.

What equipment is essential to do this micro tour?

Hiking boots, daily backpack and canteen, equipment that will protect you from the weather, such as a waterproof, windbreaker or polar fleece.


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